Bentley campus has multiple outlets and conveniences so you can find what you need whilst you’re here.


The Curtin University Bookshop is run by the Co-op. It stocks a wide range of textbooks, stationery, newspapers, magazines, novels, cards, art material and computer equipment.

Bookends, the Guild’s Secondhand Bookshop, is located in the Guild Courtyard opposite Café @ Concept. It provides a textbook exchange service that enables you to sell your old textbooks and purchase cheap copies of next semester’s books. The store also carries a range of safety equipment – including lab coats and safety glasses.


Fringe Benefits is the affordable yet stylish hairdresser conveniently located on campus for staff and students.

Moshtix Ticket Outlet

Don’t miss out simply because you’re at uni. Buy your tickets to the best festivals, concerts and live entertainment at the on-campus Moshtix outlet.


The Spot is the Guild-operated campus newsagency with a range of stationery, newspapers, magazines and a huge wall of pick and mix lollies, essential for those long study sessions.

STA Travel Agency

Take care of all your travel needs on-campus at STA Travel. Book your conference flights, your tickets home for semester break or that big end of year ski trip you have been dreaming about. STA offers great discounts and deals for students and are conveniently located on-campus.