Leadership activities

The Curtin Leadership Centre offers a number of free programs to help you develop skills beyond what you can learn in a lecture theatre or tutorial. Our programs can help boost your employability, whilst you have the opportunity to make an important contribution to the local community.

Leadership programs

The Curtin Leadership Centre offers free leadership programs and real-world experience, to help you learn valuable study skills, boost your employability and get you involved in your community. You’ll also get official recognition with the Curtin Extra Certificate.

Curtin Leaders program

The Curtin Leaders Program combines leadership skills modules with volunteering, to help you learn more about yourself, how you work in teams and how to make a positive change in your community.

John Curtin Leadership Academy

The John Curtin Leadership Academy (JCLA) is the Curtin Leadership Centre’s intensive co-curricular leadership program. Students undertake co-curricular leadership training and further develop their skills and abilities through working on real community projects.

Leadership in Sport

The Leadership in Sport Program combines valuable volunteering roles in the Curtin University sport and recreation community with specific leadership skill modules to develop life skills and enrich your employability.

Tailored Leadership Training

The Curtin Leadership Centre offers tailored leadership training to support student clubs and programs. Tailored training can be on topics such as self-awareness, project management, conflict resolution and teamwork skills.

Sir Charles Court Young Leaders Program

Sir Charles Court Young Leaders Program is a leadership development program for Year 10 students in Western Australia. The program aims to develop these students as future leaders, our “game changers” of tomorrow.