Curtin is a diverse, multicultural university. With more than 7,000 international students studying at our Australian locations, Curtin offers a unique cross-cultural working and learning environment. Socially and academically, you will become part of a network that has extremely diverse interests, languages and beliefs.

Ethics, equality, social justice

Curtin is committed to maintaining and progressing equality and social justice throughout the university and in all its practices with the Ethics and Social Justice Commitment Statement. The University’s Guiding Ethical Principles sets outs the values all staff and students aim to uphold in their professional and personal behaviours.


Curtin respects and acknowledges the diversity of religious and spiritual beliefs of its many staff and students. The diversity of faiths on campus is supported by Multi-Faith Services, provided by a qualified team that is able to meet your spiritual needs in meaningful and practical ways. There are also several reserved spaces on-campus for religious purposes.

Sexuality & gender diversity

The university is committed to valuing sexual and gender diversity and creating a learning environment free of discrimination and harassment. The Ally program provides services and inclusive events to support the GLBTI community on-campus and in the wider community.