Housing & accommodation

Students and staff can access assistance to find suitable accommodation in Perth. Curtin’s Housing Advisory Service manages on-campus accommodation as well as maintaining lists of suitable off-campus housing options.

On-campus accommodation

If you’re moving to Perth, you may choose to live on-campus in university housing. Early application is essential because on-campus accommodation is always in high demand. We give priority to students who are new to Perth.

Off-campus accommodation

If you prefer to live off-campus, we can help you find share housing, boarding opportunities or single rentals.

Short-term housing

There are several options available to guests and visitors coming to Curtin for a limited period. The Housing Advisory Service can assist in helping you find suitable short term accommodation.

Staff accommodation

Staff can receive assistance sourcing off-campus accommodation in Perth, such as a single room or a rental.

Contact Housing Services

The Housing Advisory Service is located on-campus and is available to help you find a residence at your campus or assist with off-campus options.