Learning support

Find support for your studies at any stage of your degree. Curtin provides numerous academic support facilities and programs to help you succeed, whether you are undergraduate or postgraduate studying on-campus or online.

Improve your skills

The Learning Centre facilitates a range of workshops and seminars for students, and provides study guides and other resources to help improve your skills.

Study facilities, equipment & labs

You can always find the resources you need to study and work on assignments. There are study areas, computer labs and access to specialised facilities and equipment available across campus.

The Learning Centre

The Learning Centre provides free workshops, resources and online programs for undergraduate and postgraduate students to help you improve your study skills.

Whether you need help with your studies, or assistance easing into university life, the Learning Centre can help link you with one-on-one mentoring or introduce you to small group study sessions.


UniPASS is collaborative group study sessions run by trained students, for students in units with a history of difficulty.  It is an engaging, social and highly effective way to improve your grades in individual units.